Wine Appraiser: You Need One – Why and When

Posted by Sandi Marques on Nov 22, 2012
Wine collections and wine cellars are a surging trend among wine lovers. The extent of your collection and how it is stored largely depends on your budget and your degree of connoisseurship. For example, you live in a condo but love wine and want to start a collection. You are a prime candidate for off-site storage facilities that house and store clients’ wine in... Continue Reading

Portugal – The Forgotten Wine Producer

Posted by Sandi Marques on Nov 19, 2012
In this post we are going to focus on the wonderfully colorful country of Portugal, which for many of us remains a real mystery, as many of us have not simply had the opportunity to visit. When people speak of Portugal it is often referred to as the poor cousin of Spain, but we can tell you that it is anything but that. When it comes to wine did you know that Portugal is one... Continue Reading


Posted by Sandi Marques on Aug 08, 2012
It’s WITWWIS time and this week, I’m in a new world wine country where you can be on the beach one minute and in the Andes Mountains the next. The region is the largest of the 14 wine valleys in this country. Most known for its well balanced reds made with the carmenere, syrah and cabernet sauvignon grapes. Three of the country’s largest wine producers make... Continue Reading

Rib n Reef Steakhouse

Posted by Sandi Marques on Aug 08, 2012
Rib n Reef Steakhouse   Our first sponsor of #WITWWIS is Rib ‘n Reef, a wonderful, upscale and elite steakhouse in Montreal. I first met the owner, Peter Katsoudas, more than six years ago while being interviewed by CTV in his restaurant wine cellar. Peter is a long-standing restaurant owner who is very proud of his Montreal icon – and rightly so. Rib ‘n Reef is frequented by the... Continue Reading

Drink the World’s Best Wines for FREE

Posted by Sandi Marques on Jul 26, 2012
Drink the World's Best Wines for FREE “I hate to think of wine being thought of primarily as an investment, but the world’s finest wines do appreciate significantly in value, and it would be foolish to ignore the fact that more and more shrewd investors are looking at wine as a way of making money” – Robert M. Parker Jr. Wine is more than just an elixir of the gods – it can be liquid profit if invested... Continue Reading

#WITWWIS Episode 11

Posted by Sandi Marques on Jul 26, 2012
I’m back at it, this time in the land of perfection, awesome cars and the Autobahn. Foods are plentiful such as potatoes, sauerkraut and sausage. The region is long and narrow at 250 miles or 400 kms in length. The most widely planted grape is the Spatburgunder. And Roman baths are the norm. Take a guess and have a... Continue Reading

#WITWWIS Episode 9

Posted by Sandi Marques on Jul 04, 2012
Freshly uploaded for you. I’m happy  to introduce you to a very special friend of mine in this episode who is hosting the show. Her name is Shirley McSwine and she loooooves wine! Let me know if you would like to see more of her! Be sure to send me your answer below, and if you plan on winning, a picture of your mug so we can showcase you to our viewing audience. Watch... Continue Reading

#WITWWIS Episode 8

Posted by Sandi Marques on Jun 27, 2012
It’s up. It’s ready. It’s funny. Wanna play and have a few laughs? Watch the new episode and send me your answer below. Here are the clues for this week: This country borders my homeland of Portugal; I’m in a northern region of this country that makes wines from these grapes tempranillo, mazuelo, garnacha tinta and graciano; this region is home to many... Continue Reading

Summer BBQ’s & Sippers – you can’t have one without the other

Posted by Sandi Marques on Jun 20, 2012
Summer BBQ's & Sippers - you can't have one without the other We are officially into summer. Turn on your sprinklers, slather on your suntan lotion and spark up the Bar B. Don’t summer and BBQ’s just go together – like cigars and scotch or wine and cheese? I felt that this edition should be devoted to the lazy, hazy days of summer and wines that match (and even some beers). I’m sure you’ll find some interesting... Continue Reading

#WITWWIS Episode 7

Posted by Sandi Marques on Jun 20, 2012
Episode 7 is up. Watch this week’s location and send me your answer. Here are the clues: people from this country sound like New Zealander’s but don’t be fooled; the region I’m in is in the South part of this country and the region is next to Adelaide and starts with a ‘B’. The region is known for its shiraz grapes and is home to... Continue Reading

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